7 Simple Ways To Use Banana Peel To Treat Acne

There are so many solutions to acne. But why do none of them ever work? It is so extremely hard to find that one holy grail treatment that is going to work for you. Especially if it is little known but effective. Banana peel is one such rare-gem-like treatments. In this article, I’ve put together … Continue reading 7 Simple Ways To Use Banana Peel To Treat Acne

7 Excercises for Flat Stomach (VIDEO)

One of the best ways to reduce your risk of getting heart disease is to focus on your abs. At least scientists suggest so! According to recent studies, keeping your waist little has a positive effect not only on your mood and appearance - it can actually protect your health. The Video below shows the … Continue reading 7 Excercises for Flat Stomach (VIDEO)

DIY: Brightening face serum

Ingredients 3 Irish patotoes 1 lemon 2 tablespoon original Honey Instruction Grate ur Irish patotoes and squeeze out the juice Cut the lemon and squeeze out the juice. Pour the squeezed juice from potatoes and lemon into a bowl, add honey and stir all ingredients together. On a double boiler steam your mixture. Continue to … Continue reading DIY: Brightening face serum